Best Tips for Forex Trading Success

  1. At one time you should make one trade. You should concentrate on one trade only If you have a small account you should not make many trades at many times. This strategy will give you more chances of success.


  1. You must determine the value of leverage which you want to use. Very high leverage can be against your account size. If you have a small account then you must have small leverage in order to face the high price fluctuations. But if you have large size account then you can face currency fluctuations. But loss of money may be higher in this case. New investors should use the trading with small leverage value.
  2. If you apply the weekly chart you can get extra clear sight of trend. The trends that are going higher are more visible on this weekly chart. These charts help to describe and carry the resistance levels and are helpful for long term investors.


  1. You must increase risk if your account is not large. Some investment sites recommend that the big traders should not increase risk more then 2 %. But having a small account and increasing risk can give you more profit. Forex is associated with risks so take risk if you want to trade in forex.
  2. You have to determine the targets of your profit during trade. Traders usually stop where they find loss of money. You have to look at all the factors of trading.
  3. If you are new in forex field you have to build a strong trading strategy. Even if you are working in forex field for a long time you must look at new ones. May be you look better ones. Your strategy must have the analytic tools for determine the trends. But these analytic methods must be easy. Usually 2 or 3 methods are sufficient for a strategy. It will not better if you use more then 3 methods of analysis.
  4. Chart analysis is very important for trends analysis. But this strategy should not be too simple other wise it will not make a good prediction about trends.
  5. If you trade too much it can change your success into failure. Many investors face failure in the forex market because they trade too much in one period of time. Forex market is fluctuating and if you think that you can achieve success by your efforts then this view is wrong. You need right time to decide about trade. So be careful while trading in forex market.
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