7 Things you should know before trading

or You Will Know How To Lose Your Money


  1. Learn the basics before you start trading. Don’t start trading before you know the meaning of the stocks, rates and excreta
  2. Don’t read too much. It will confuse you and you will get lost. Take one good manual and start
  3. Find a personal trader that will lead you in your first steps. After you will start you can do it by your own.  Trading is risky but the banks give you less than 2% annual interest so it maybe the best way to make a decent investment to your money.
  4. Don’t trade in more money than you can lose. If you imagine yourself losing all the money and you get stress from this – don’t do it. If not – you’re fine.
  5. For start – try to focus on understanding the trading mechanism – not to make big money. Once you will know how to use it in the right time – you will make the big money
  6. Write eventing you do – when you make a profit and when you didn’t. It will help you understand what you did right and want you need to fix.
  7. After you trade a little – read your guide again. You will find yourself understand it better.


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